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Pastors, are you ready to Start Your Home Care Agency?

Let S. Jones Home Care Academy take you step-by-step!


"Do what you’ve always done, and get paid” 

S. Jones Home Care Academy developed an

Integrated Economic Care System - I.E.C.S. that includes:


•church involvement

•caregiver recruitment

•client services

•community engagement



This system creates a sustainable model, addressing local home care needs, economic empowerment, and spiritual fulfillment within the congregation and the broader community for generations to come.


Non-Medical Home Care

Non-Medical Home Care is a term used to describe the type of services rendered to the client, which includes but not limited to ADL's (activities or daily living), bathing, cleaning, meal preparation, transportation, shopping, companion care and more. 


We assist you in setting up your agency and providing all the training. It's a lengthy process but we take it phase by phase till the process is complete and you acquire your home care license.  


Example of possible revenue

After the business gets underway, carrying 20 clients over a 12-month period, an average frequency to see clients can be 3x per week, 4 hours per day, charging the clients $25/hr. Possible revenue for the church, $312,000 (annual gross income).


How it's calculated: 25 clients x 12 hours/week = 300 hours/week;

 300 hours/week x 52 weeks/year = 15,600 hours/year x $25/hour = $390,000. 

50 clients using the same calculations: $780,000 (annual gross income)

These figures are just an estimation. There are many variables to consider.  


Partnering with S. Jones H. C. A. positions the church in changing the way it serves its members and the community. This partnership presents an opportunity for the church to emerge as a leader in the home care industry, increasing visibility, and making a significant impact.   

Churches see it as an opportunity to demonstrate God's love and compassion in practical ways and to witness to their faith through acts of service and charity. The scripture tells us to, “Love one another as Christ has loved us and show it by our actions” (John 13:34-35).

My prayer is, every church answering The-Call-To-Action, be dedicated in providing better home care services and become the #1 Preferred Provider in their community and beyond

CONTACT US or call 323-963-3227 for more information.   



Pastoral Care Integration: Enables the church to integrate pastoral care into the home care services, offering spiritual and emotional support to clients and their families. This holistic approach can differentiate the church's home care business from secular competitors and provide added value to clients.

Fosters Local Employment: By launching the home care business, the church opens up job opportunities within the church and the community, contributing to local economic growth and offering fulfilling roles for those
interested in caregiving.

Builds Community Bonds: The home care business fosters connections within the church and community, strengthening relationships and sense of belonging.

Provides Vital Support Services: The home care business offers essential assistance to church and community members with ADL's (activities of daily living); bathing, meal preparation, companionship, housekeeping, and transportation, especially for seniors or those with disabilities, who prefer to receive care in the comfort of their homes.

Revenue Source for Church Activities: The home care business can serve as a revenue fall stream to support the church's operations, ministries, and philanthropic
endeavors. enabling it to further its mission and impact.

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